Partial Map, or, You Can't Get There From Here But You Can Get Close
An ongoing iterative talk that serves as a snapshot of a research-based art practice.

Partial Map as part of The Pattern in the Drift at metro pcs Los Angeles. This talk took place within the installation and covered topics such as the origins of digital computing, the evolution of the loom, Jacquard machines, histories of lacemaking, some of the relationships between pattern, noise, analog processes and digital algorithms, particularly in terms of weaving and information technologies.

Partial Map as part of Perfect Present, curated by Amitai Romm and Janus Hom, Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013. This version took place in Copenhagen via VPN internet connection, as a live stream embodied by Amitai Romm who served as the speaker, translating the talk in real time from its transmission originating in Los Angeles. Topics included palm trees, the relationship between paradise and utopia, Walt Disney's futuristic visions, glass architecture, Benjamin's Arcades, Expo Shanghai 2010, "The Future" as aesthetic and marketing strategy. Installation included a podium, palm tree, disco ball, lights.

Partial Map, as part of Tumbleweeds and other stories, curated by Biddy Tran at Gallery 533, 2010. Topics included glass architecture, the history of palm trees in Los Angeles, EPCOT Center, abandoned utopian communities in the desert, Paradise as mythology and propaganda.
Installation included a podium, palm trees, disco ball, collection of books all titled "The Future is Now", lights.